• Milling
    CNC milling machines and experienced team
    is a guarantee of the highest quality
    and repeatability for mass production
  • Turning
    CNC turning for excellent precision
    and repeatability of the process
  • Laser cutting
    Laser cutting
    The laser cutting allows cutting of even the most complex shapes
    while providing the precision and shortest time operation
  • Bending
    CNC machines allow to fully repetitive bending of complex parts
  • Welding
    Using our sealer we will combine thin sheet
    and our welders will connect the larger elements
  • Designing
    Thanks to our technical expertise and using of 3D software will design,
    and make the technical drawings

We are a manufacturer of a wide range of metal products made of carbon steel and stainless steel. The high position in the industry has been achieved through our many years of experience and continuous development.